The Ascension

After Jesus rose from the dead he stay around for 40 or so days and hung out with the disciples. On day they went, so it is written, to the top of some mount and as Jesus was speaking he started rising up and the disciples stared until a couple of angels came down as asked Men of Galilee why do you look us in the sky? The disciples were then told that Jesus would return in a similar way.

Often time in our faith lives we are like the disciples just staring up as the sky not sure what to do. Thankfully we have many holy men and women on Earth and in heaven who we can turn toward and look at their lives as examples of what we should be doing. Sure a bunch of the Saint happen to be religious (priest and nuns) but there are other who are non religious and we can look at them. The holy men and women honored in the church span the years both chronological and age-wise, so anyone can find a special saint/blessed to pray to. The Holy Spirit is also alive and well in the world today we only need to ask for some help and the spirit will help us discern what is best for us. During this month of November I hope that we can pick a saint, blessed or even a servant of God and learn a little more about them


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