Chef (2014)

I’ve heard many great things about Chef, this film some consider this to be one the best films of the year and it’s about cooking. So it got me hooked with that and on top of all that it was a comedy as well something right up my alley for a nice relaxing evening. As usual please be advised that there will be some spoilers to be found after this first section.

Chef is a film to be very blunt is about a chef who rekindles his passion for his craft and family with a food truck. This Jon Favreau film stars Favreau as Chef Carl Casper who after getting a horrible review in goes on an epic rampage which gets documented online as he has a very public outburst and quits his job. Now Carl is without a job and is asked by his ex-wife, Inez, to help watch their son, Percy, as she has meetings in Miami. So Carl joins Inez (Sophia Vergara) and Percy (Emjay Anthony) as they fly across country, Sophia Vergara actually plays a role where you can understand what she is saying and it is a pleasant change from her typical roles. Inez has managed to set up a meeting with her first ex Marvin to help Carl get a food truck.

So Carl gets a food truck and he and Percy get to work getting everything they need for the truck, and Carl’s sous chef, Martin, (John Leguizamo) from the restaurant drops everything and comes to Miami to help him with the truck. As they are getting the truck all set up Carl and Percy start bonding and soon Percy becomes a member of the food truck kitchen. Carl then decides to take the truck back to LA to sell Cubanos there and he is joined by Martin and Percy as they travel across America stopping along the way selling food here and there with Percy helping getting the word about where they are out through social media.

One of the great thing about the movie is the big names who I was surprised to find in the film as they just pop up. The food in the movie made me hungry. Most of the food was planned by Roy Choi of chef the Kogi Koren BBQ food trucks and he served as a consultant on the food scenes as well. The film itself was also a sort of travelogue as they traveled to many locations and we get a little vibe of the food culture of a couple of places across the US (Miami, New Orleans and Austin) If you are a fan of food this is a wonderful movie, if you have parents then you should like this movie as well. Food plays a large role in our lives and hopefully this movie can inspire some people to try to make something they made in the movie. I for one would love to try and make a Cuban Sandwich and eat a couple.


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