The Resurrection

After Jesus was placed in the tomb provided by Joseph of Arimathea and the gospels say that three days later Jesus rose from the dead. I thought about the three days in the tomb and how it is possible, well according to the Jewish custom the day begins at sundown so there are three days that Jesus is in his tomb. Jesus dies on Good Friday at about 3 in the afternoon and is quickly placed in a tomb as the Sabbath is approaching quickly, so that time would be day 1, the Sabbath would be day 2 and day three would begin at sun down on the Sabbath until the women came to the tomb the day after the Sabbath.

Three days is significant as it echoes the creation where on the first three days the basic things were made (light, land, vegetation) then the next three days improving on them (Sun/moon, animals, man). Jesus opens up heaven, gives us all the chance to build the new Kingdom of God here on Earth. This is what the Resurrection is all about it begins the new creation of Earth. We are here on the Earth trying to make it a better place for our brothers and sisters, as we heard on Sunday “We are to love the Lord with our hearts, souls and minds; as well as to love our neighbors as ourselves.” By doing this we help in the building up on the new Kingdom of God and we all hope that one day it will become visible to all of us. As the Liturgical year winds to a close I hope that we can try to live the Great Commandments in the world around us.  As we await the Second coming we can reflect on the birth and resurrection of Jesus both which can be considered an earlier Parousia.


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