30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The theme of the readings this week is love of neighbor and kindness. We begin with a look in the Book of Exodus, we know the story the Israelites leave Egypt and Moses goes up and gets The Ten Commandments. However there are more than ten commandments in the Bible our Jewish brothers and sisters have a list of 613 commandments which includes the list in our reading today. This is the ground work for what we hear later on in the Gospel. As we reach the second reading we are greeted once again by St. Paul and we pick up right were we left off in last weeks reading. We are still in the introduction to the letter were he write about how thankful he is about the people he is writing to. Paul says to the Thessalonians “you became imitators of us and of the Lord” and praises them for doing so. Can he say the same to us, do we imitate Christ in the world around us.

Finally we arrive at the Gospel of Matthew and it is a big one this week Jesus is still dealing with the Pharisees just like last week and they came and asked Jesus “What is the greatest Commandment?” now we need to remember that last week they were trying to trap Jesus in speech to have him arrested once again they try it for him to be like kicked out of the Temple or something. Jesus responds to them is pretty simple he say “You shall love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind. This is the greatest commandment and the second one is similar. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Then Jesus concludes that the whole law and the prophets depend on these commandments. Doing these two things should satisfy some of the 613 commandments, but all in all it is more along the lines of “Be Christ” to others as The Beatles put is Love is all you need.


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