News Roundup

Movies: Good thing I waited a day as Marvel has released a teaser for the next movie in their movie universe. Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out in May in the US. I’ve read that the teaser will be a part of the upcoming weeks broadcast of Agents of Shield, and I wonder if they will play any role in the movie.  It seems likely that there will be some build up on the show before the movie comes out and as the movie comes out that first week of May or something there will be some episodes dealing with the aftermath like we had with Thor 2 and Winter Solider.

College Athletics: The New York Times has an article about how at UNC athletes took fake classes. The student athletes were urged to take these classes in the African/African American Studies program as the classes really didn’t exist but were only there to help boost the grades of athletes and the athletic department would contact these teachers about what grades students needed to be eligable to play. As it happens these classes have been shut down since at least 2011. This is one of those things that everyone suspected took place on college campuses, the student athletes take easy classes as many of them are there for just a couple of years before making their way to play professionally, it also accounts for the “easy majors” that many have. Some individuals have suggested that colleges pay the athletes for the year or two that they need to stay in college so that they can be drafted in the NBA or NFL. Others have said why not make the sport something that they can major in.  I guess we will see what comes of this issue in the larger world of NCAA sports.


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