Christi Matri

Blessed Paul VI contributed a lot to the Mariology in the church. He started his papacy by saying that Mary is the ideal example of Christian life. Later on in the same Encyclical Ecclesiam Suam he added that devotion to Mary is of utmost importance in living the life of the Gospel.  Paul VI was also the first Pope to visit Fatima and in another Encyclical talked about the importance of Marian devotions, pointing toward the Angelus and Rosary as examples.  So Paul VI is an important figure in the development of the Mariology we know today.

In one of his later Encyclicals Christi Matri, Mother of Christ he recommended praying the Rosary in October just like Leo XIII’s Octobri Mense. Paul however says that the reason we should pray in October is in light of the war (Vietnam) and the dangers of atomic conflict. These dangers still exist in our world today, we may not be fighting in Vietnam anymore but war seems to be a continual part of the world and the threats of atomic conflict may have waned but the threat of biological attack and terrorism have taken up the mantle.  Christi Matri is a rather short encyclical consisting of only 14 paragraphs, so it takes next to no time and is worth the read. Hearing the call of Paul VI let us take up our rosaries during these last days of the month and pray to the Queen of Peace, our mother Mary that the active conflict around the world (Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, and in the middle east, Africa, and Asia) can come to an end by peaceful means.


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