The Synods on the Family: October 2014/15

Yes  you’ve read the title correctly the Synod although technically over is only on a long break so whatever comes out now will be open for discussion throughout this year and when the bishops gather back in Rome next October then there will be some real things to look at.  The Vatican has released the “Relatio Synodi” for this session that has just concluded, it is in Italian and people around the  internet have run it through Google translate to get some meaning out of the text. This text was voted on paragraph by paragraph by the Bishops and only three paragraphs didn’t pass the 2/3 majority as you can see in the voting provided at the end of the document, however they are still included in the above link

One of the biggest things to remember is that this is a working document and everyone in the media is making such a big deal about it. This is similar to what was done in Vatican II where the bishops met and planed what they’d talk about the next year.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a nice page explaining the synods and how they connect. The Vatican also has a great page set up, and it features a lot of languages and reports says that the Vatican will be releasing the Relatio in English sometime early in the week.  I hope that the Holy Spirit can help guide the Bishops in the upcoming year so that we get something out of the next Synod like an Apostolic Exhortation some time in 2016.


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