News Roundup

Musicals: This is really cool news Playbill reports that the NY Times says that the new musical by Stephen Sondheim and David Ives will be based on two Luis Bunuel films. The films are The Exterminating Angel and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, both films deal with dinner parties. This is really cool since I happen to like the films of Bunuel and have seen both of the films and happen to own Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.  This sound like an interesting musical idea and should make for some great music.

International: This story made me chuckle a bit. Over in Italy the army will be growing marijuana to keep the prices down. In Italy they legalised marijuana uses last year and are trying to keep the price down so the illegal trade doesn’t grow even more as for many people the illegal dealers are cheaper than getting the through legal methods. This seems like something that could also happen in the United States if marijuana were to be legalized. It is a smart plan since controlling the drug will make it easier for the government to tax the goods and hopefully people will have better access.

Space: News from Russia that the Russian Space Program (RKA) is going to focus on landing on the moon and then focusing on exploring the rest of the solar system. This seems like the place where every space program is hoping to send people to once again. Will this start off a new space race that captures the imagination of the people like that with the race to the moon in the 60s? Russia, China, and the US and Europe (NASA/ESA/CSA) are all working independently to reach the moon sometime in the next decade or so sending a manned mission as well. All these plans are a first step to eventually set out and explore other places in the solar system like Mars and asteroids. It seems like the US partnership and China are a bit further along with getting to the moon unless Russia is just going to be using the same program that it sent the Lunokhod  rovers up in the 70s.


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