The Crucifixion

The final sorrowful mystery is difficult for some to truly grasp the whole idea of it. Ultimately it is an act of love but all to often we tend to focus on the sadness of the event. Jesus suffers and dies for all of us no matter who we are we have been saved through Jesus. Love is the base of our life and faith, without it there is nothing. This recent synod of Bishops they have been talking about “non traditional” couples and divorce. The media has gone mad over this changing view of homosexuality in the church, I however do not see this changing view, I know of many homosexuals who are active in the church and all that jazz. Even Pope Francis said before “Who am I to judge.” If Jesus were alive today he would most likely be with the homosexuals and other fringe group in the world. trying to spread the message of love to all people.

We can take the role of Jesus in the world today and step up showing love to others. It reminds me of something Tertullian observed, he said that the pagans would note “See how these Christians love one another.” We need to become these people once again all to often we do the bare minimum in our faith lives going to mass on Sunday and then forgetting about it until the following week. We should be spreading the message of Love that we hear from the gospel and preach it without words. The Crucifixion is the ultimate sign of love and we are all to aspire to it, to lay down ones life for a friend, or really anyone else.


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