NHL season begins

Sure I am a few days late on this but Hockey season has begun. This will be an exciting year in hockey especially in the DC area as the Washington Capitals will be hosting the annual Winter Classic on January 1, we can only hope for some poor weather with some snow on the ground or falling. I doubt that there will be a repeat of last year’s game at Michigan Stadium with had a lot of snow falling.

On to some predictions:

The teams in the Eastern Conference still has a harder time to make the playoffs, as there are more teams in the east. In the metropolitan division, it looks like it might be another slugfest for the lower spots with a dominate team. Going on tradition the teams from Pennsylvania (Penguins/Flyers) will make it to the playoffs as will a team from New York, and hopefully the Washington Capitals can make it after a year absence. In the Atlantic we should see Detroit make the playoffs along with Boston and Montreal with perhaps Tamps Bay as well . In the Western Conference we have the previous 3 Stanley Cup winning teams in the Blackhawks and the LA Kings, I am expecting this to be the Western Conference final for the third consecutive year. In the Central division Chicago  and St. Louis are seemingly locks for the playoffs as are all the California (Ducks, Kings, Sharks) teams in the Pacific division.

There are bound to be some surprise teams as there a number of teams with new coaches and players have been traded around so who can really say what all is going to happen. One thing is for sure there will be an all-star game and no Olympic break in the middle of the season. As well as the Capital hosting the Winter Classic, let’s hope it is cold and there is some snow in the picture as well. Finally, hopefully this year a team from the East can bring the Stanley Cup back from the West as they have been the dominate conference the past decade it seems.


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