Baseball Playoffs: Championship Series

Well after a couple of hard fought games the Division series are over and there was quite a lot of history made this year. In the American League there were two sweeps. The Royals played in two more extra inning games beating the Angels eaasily and the Orioles dominated against the previous three Cy Young winners who are all at Detroit, this was possible thanks in part to the pitiful play of the Detroit bullpen. So we have the Royals advancing for the first time since 1985 and the Orioles since 1997. In the National League both series lasted four games and in one you saw bats light up and in the other the bats were quite. The Cardinals manhandled the Dodgers and the Giants outlasted the Nationals. The Giants and Nationals played a very tight series which included the longest postseason baseball game ever. If only the series winner was  based on aggregate score they would have gone another game.

In the NL, the Cardinals will face the Giants. The Cardinals have made it to the NLCS each year since 2011, I for one am getting tired of it. Sadly this is also a rematch of the 2012 series with the Giants and Cardinals. Also if you want to have another team represent the National league you have to go back all the way to 2009. I am not really looking forward to the series but I hope the Giants win since they seem to have good luck in the even years this decade.

In the AL, the Royals will face the Orioles. They have never played each other in the postseason. One thing that is certain is that the AL will have a team that hasn’t been in the World Series in a quarter century. Will the Royals have enough playoff magic to make it all the way past the O’s or can the Orioles continue the dominance they showed in the NLDS? I am pulling for the Orioles to make it to the World Series since they are the closet team to me.  However there still could be a rematch of the 1985 World Series (Royals/Cardinal) as well and they would be really cool, since they both play in the same state.



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