News Roundup

Movies: The Independence Day Sequel is happening and according to an article in Time Jeff Goldblum has been contacted about appearing in this new movie. This is good news as it seems like Will Smith will not be coming back to this sequel since he’s a bigger name in Hollywood today. Goldblum will not be the only original actor coming back for a second film as Bill Pullman has indicated that he will be joining the movie as well. We will have to wait until 2016 to see if this is still going ot happen.

Television: To begin there were some talks recently about turning some classic movies into television shows, these are based on two great movies from the 80s Say Anything and Uncle Buck. It sounds like the Say Anything is DOA as Cameron Crowe doesn’t want it to happen.  The other big news is that Twin Peaks will be coming back for another season set 25 years after the originals ending on Showtime. The show will be coming back sometime in 2016 so that leaves plenty of time to catch up on the earlier episodes.

Books: Over on The Huffington Post they have interesting news. According to sales record actual books have outsold ebooks in the first half of this year. The article also points out that in recent years this has been true and they indicated that most people prefer to read actual books when they read. E-readers while it might be the new thing some individuals have indicated that they would  gladly take an actual book to read.


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