Baseball Playoffs: Division Series

Congratulation to the Royals and the Giants for making it out of the Wild Card Game.

The Division Series is the next round of the playoffs.

In the American League after the very exciting Wild Card game, with the A’s and Royals going back and forth at the end, I turned the game off after the A’s were up by 4 and thought that the game was over. However the Kansas City Royals pulled even and forced extra innings and they later won it in the 12th.The Division series begins today in the American League with the Royals facing the Angels and the Tigers facing the Orioles. There are a couple of big questions to consider, Will the Royals having momentum help them get past the Angels, and Is the Tiger’s pitching staff with the past three AL Cy Young winners going to be able to get past the Orioles. All these teams met during the regular season will these results hold during the upcoming meetings. The Angels and Royals split the season series so it’s a toss up here. The Tigers dominated the Orioles this year taking five  games from them however they played early in the season so it isn’t the best indication of how the teams will match up now. I would be perfectly happy if either the Royals or Angels win that series and it would be cool if the Orioles could make it out of a series something that haven’t done since I was a kid. So I am pulling for the Orioles but I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Tigers win.

Over in the National League we had the complete opposite of the AL Wild Card Game with the Giants easily handling the Pirate, complete with a grand slam. So the Giants will be matching up against the National and the Dodgers matching up against the Cardinals in what is expected to be an exciting series. Once again all of the teams met during the regular season. The Nationals handled the Giants during the season besting them five times and losing twice, the Dodgers bested the Cardinals four times in their seven meetings this year. Both of these should make for good match ups. I am pulling for the Nationals and hoping that Dodgers and Cardinals go all five games using up their pitchers so that the next series doesn’t start with their aces (Kershaw and Wainright) on th emound in the first game. In the Dodgers Cardinals series I hope that the Dodgers can make it out with a win. Although a rematch of the 2012 NLDS (National/Cardinals) would be wonderful as well and hopefully the result can be different this time.

The Championship series begins on October 10, so expect some more picks and observations then.


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