News roundup

Movies: There are several horrible ideas for movies that are actually being made into movies. The Ouija board horror film is at least a reasonable film and it ties in well with the toy. Today I read that there are talks about making a Tetris movie. With the success of the Battleship movie this was going to happen some time in the future. The folks over at are all hoping that the game soundtrack is used in the movie. The Tetris movie will most likely be like an alien invasion movies or something like that that. It falls into the general scheme of Hollywood currently to make movies based on classic properties, this is one of the reasons why the Superheros, reboots, and sequels are commanding the box office.

Technology: Windows has announced it’s next Operating System and it will be Windows 10. The folks at Microsoft are skipping over 9 since they are saying that this new OS is a drastic improvement on 8 so they are going right to 10. Now the biggest question that Microsoft faces is how are they going to get the individuals still on XP, which still is about a quarter of the market, to switch over to the new system, there have been indications that Windows 8 users as well as those on 7 will have it as a simple download to upgrade. The new Operating System is scheduled to be released some time in mid 2015, so all those graduating seniors will be getting Windows 10 computers. I hope that they make the upgrade from XP something simple since I’ve been using XP since 2003, although I could just buy a new computer whenever this new OS comes out since I do have an outdated system. It would be great if Microsoft would make the updates to the Operating System for under $100 at a reasonable price point, Apple sometimes even lets a free upgrade come out. and they only have one version of the OS.

Education: There has been an idea put out that North Dakota’s Oil Revenue which is expected to be near five billion dollars next year, could be used to lessen or even eliminate tuition for UND students. They already are using money on construction and infrastructure improvements across the state and this could be the next possible step. Neither the University or the State have anything to say about this. It would be a unique idea as it seems like having a high school diploma or GED are not likely to get you far in the world of employment. I think that if the idea were to be implemented it would be more along the lines of an Associates degree would be free and if you wanted a Bachelors you’d have to pay for the rest of the years. This is what they are doing in Tennessee with their free college program, the idea still is not sitting well with traditional four year universities, although they do see the silver lining by seeing that there will soon be a pipeline of upper level students that need to go somewhere.


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