Crowning with Thorns

The third sorrowful mystery is the Crowning with Thorns and it covers a grand total of like a line in the Gospels. It takes place right after the Scourging at the Pillar, the soldiers were mocking Jesus and  they dressed him in a purple cloth, which indicates royalty, and they wove a crown of thorns and placed it on his head. This was most likely since the Emperor wore one and soldiers could receive a ceremonial crown if they saved a Roman citizen. The crowning with thorns is a coronation of sorts through the mockery Jesus is crowned King of Earth.

There is also a symbolic connection to the story of Abraham, when he brought Issac up the mountain to sacrifice him. Abraham was ready and willing to sacrifice his son to the heavenly Father, but The Lord provides a ram caught in the brambles as a substitute. Jesus become the sacrificial lamb for all of us. On Sunday we heard that Jesus emptied himself, took the form of a slave, became human, and humbled himself becoming obedient even to the point of death. This is the sacrifice that Jesus did for us without us asking or knowing him, are we willing to do something similar and die for other.

It is also the sacrifice of Abraham. We should all know the covenant  Abram was promised that his descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the sky, Abram asked how could this be since his wife was old and they had no children. The Lord gave them a child and later on asks Abraham to take his son, his one and only, the one he loves and offer him up as a sacrifice. Abraham was going to do it and lose everything in the world but his hand was steadied by an angel and the ram showed up. Could we do the same thing that Abraham does to prove our faith? Ultimately these sacrifices are all based on Love. How much do we Love the Lord and are we willing to give up everything we have for the Lord. For many of us it seems that our Love of the Lord ends when we exit the Church on Sunday and during the week we are non-religious and could care less who we hurt as long it is best for us. I hope that during this week/next week we can remember to bring the love we experience on Sunday out into the world.


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