Baseball Playoffs: Wild Card Game

The regular season ended yesterday and most of the teams in the MLB have to wait until next year to try to make the playoffs. This year about half of the teams in the playoffs were not in the race last year, most of them were in the playoffs in the last two years with the exception of a few teams who haven’t made the playoffs in a while notably the Kansas City Royals who haven’t appeared in almost 30 years. This year we have two first year managers who have made it to the playoffs Brad Ausmus with the Detroit Tiger and Matt Williams with the Washington Nationals. There are some interesting match-ups that we could get for the World Series this year there is a possibility of a Freeway Series in LA, the Parkway Series (Battle of the Beltways) in DC/Baltimore, the Bay Bridge Series in San Fran\Oakland and the very slim possibility of an I-70 Series in KC/St.Louis.

Wild Card Games:
In the American Leagues the Athletics from Oakland will clash against the Royals in Kansas City. In the previous Wild Card games in the AL the home team has not ever made it out with a win. Although neither team has play in the Wild Card game it should be an evenly matched game as the Royals are a little over .500 at home and the Athletics are a little under .500 on the road. So there is a slight edge for Kansas City, but judging on the past couple of years I’d pick the A’s to come out with a win, however the A’s have collapsed over the second half of the season so perhaps the Royals will be playing in more than one game.

In the National League the Pittsburgh Pirates will be hosting the San Francisco Giants. The Pirates won this game last year against the Reds and they are so far the only home team to win a Wild Card game. The Pirates and Giants have the same overall record, I hope that the Pirates can continue playing on as I’ve got a soft spot for them. Although the Giants are a strong team having passed the pennant between themselves and the Cardinals since 2010.

After these games played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights I will be looking at the Division series.



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