Fall Television: The September shows

So the first full week of the new fall schedule is almost over kind of and I’ve got some early impressions about the new programs and an early indication of what I will be watching this fall.

Monday nights: CBS has an hour of the Big Bang Theory until football vacates Thursday night, this will be the program that keeps CBS afloat on Monday, however when the change happens in late October Monday will be a tough night as the only real standout show will be 2 Broke Girls. The show Scorpion is an absurd premise but I will give it another week but it looks like it is going to be going into the rubbish bin sometime soon. FOX has Gotham, I haven’t gotten around to watching it but it will be a standout this fall. I am also looking forward the Jane the Virgin which will be on The CW in October as it has gotten great reviews.

Tuesday nights: ABC showed some promise by announcing Selfie and Manhattan Love Story, both sounded interesting but from the sounds of it both do miss the mark. Selfie could have been an interesting new take on Pygmalion but after the first episode I really didn’t care for either Eliza or Henry. Manhattan Love Story so I’ve read is weighed down by the presence of the thoughts going on in the mind. I will watch at least the first episode and see what it is like. This is followed by Agents of SHIELD, which hopefully can have a nice narrative without really hiding much, as was necessary last year with the recent Captain America movie, however with no major Marvel picture coming out until May (Avengers 2) SHIELD can run with out having to hid the major twist in the first season. FOX has the pairing of New Girl and Mindy both of which are decent comedies NBC’s fall Tuesday night begins later in October. The CW debuts The Flash in October and I guess I’ll watch at least a couple of episodes.

Wednesday night: The only thing on Wednesday that I will be watching will be Arrow on The CW. ABC’s lineup is full of weak family comedies, NBC has one of the worst shows of the fall The Mysteries of Laura, I couldn’t even watch a whole episode it was that bad, FOX has the Red Band Society, I watched the first episode and it really didn’t seem that interesting sick kids in a hospital who get into hijinks each week, and of course people will fall in love.

Thursday night: CBS has football until the end of October, when their regular “comedy Thursday line up” will return,  a minor change to the line up has happened and Mom has been moved into the lineup for the fall.  ABC moved all the programs by Shonda Rhimes to one night. FOX has Gracepoint and that looks interesting and it’s only ten episode long. NBC abandoned their must see Comedy Thursday lineup and replaced it with Biggest Loser and some new comedies A to Z and Bad Judge, we will see if either is good.

Friday night:  Isn’t really a night for watching television and the lineup reflects that. ABC has a new show Cristela joining Last Man Standing, CBS got tired of it being  preempted by football and placed Amazing Race on Friday night, NBC has a show based on Constantine based on the comic book John Constantine, Hellblazer.

Saturday night: NBC has a treat for us this fall  with Vintage SNL, which sounds like it will repackage some classic SNL episodes into hour long installments and that is the highlight of Saturday night.

Sunday night: FOX has it classic Animation Domination shows(Simpsons/Family Guy) but there are a pair of live action shows joining them as well. One of the biggest new show from last year Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the new Seinfeld-ish show Mulaney. I will most likely just be watching Bob’s Burgers, Simpsons and Brooklyn NIne-Nine.

That’s all that looks interesting to me so far this fall until the new shows come on the air. All of this can change sooner or later as something will be cancelled as in the past couple of years the first show to be cancelled aired only two episodes.


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