Native American Mascot Controversy: Part 8

We’ve gotten to eight parts in this series now.

To start off Phil Simms will not be using the term Redskins as he broadcasts tonight’s match up between the Giants and Redskins. This is something that he said he was thinking about doing before the season began. I read somewhere that the use of Redskins, to describe the team  during the games has actually gone down a bit over the first couple of weeks of the season, will this trend continue throughout the season.

The other this is that South Park did a whole episode about this and all the other issues that the NFL is currently facing. In the episode  the kids decide to start a start-up company using Kickstarter and they can’t decide on the name until one of them hears that the Redskins have lost their trademark so they have the logos and brand recognition already there. Dan Snyder with Kirk Cousins and Jay Gruden come and ask them to change their name as it is offensive to them. Stuff happens and Snyder goes to NFL headquarters and talks to Roger Goodell, about this issue, however Goodell just spouts off things from his recent press conference where he basically said nothing. The NFL gets the kids to change their logo so they tweak it a bit. The Kickstarter is the biggest thing to ever happen and people continually are donating money, but the team has had enough and they go and destroy Kickstarter. So Cartman and company step in to fill the void. Eventually the kids concede and go back to school

While the episode gives an interesting take on the Redskins’ name issue it doesn’t really come out on one side or the other on the issue. As they make light on the leader of the Washington Redskins being savagely beaten by Cowboys this is the rallying cry that end’s their dream of doing nothing. I felt the Kickstarter thing felt real and i really enjoyed the Apple-style press conferences . Will South Park be the thing that breaks the Washington Redskins and forces them to change its name. I highly doubt it. It does get the issue out to more ears though, especially to those not in the DC area where it seems like every week we have some new individual saying that they will not say Redskins in their publication/show or whatever.

With all the talk about how many Native American think that the term is offensive I am surprised that no one has though about doing some sort of paper survey of all Native Americans, as the most cited survey was conducted in 2004 and according to the poll 91% of the 768 self-identified American Indians surveyed in the 48 states on the mainland USA found the name “Redskins” acceptable. Sure the survey was 10 years ago and was a relative small sample size so why not have a new poll and try and get everyone. As I’ve said before the name will most likely change whenever the team moves from FedEx Field into the new stadium that Snyder wants to build in DC, and when it changes I doubt it will be a dramatic change from the current design of that the team already has used, if the logo changes perhaps it will switch back to the arrow logo or a simple script ‘R’ logo. The name might become Warriors, ties it with the military and still hold a connotation with the Native Americans, or Patowmacks\Potomacs, the Algonquin word for the river in the area or something like that.


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