News Roundup

Sports: The big news that came out yesterday was the official unveiling of the Washington Capitals sweater for the 2015 Winter Classic. Uni-watch has a brief mention of them, perhaps they will have a longer post on them later. Monumental Network has a very interesting article pointing out that elements for this sweater come from the Washington Lions, an AHL team from the 40s. As the Capitals celebrate their 40th it is great to see them looking back into the history of hockey in Washington. I had never heard of the Lions or knew that hockey existed in Washington before the Capitals, and there is more history as well. The season begins in

Space: In news that really isn’t surprising Canada has formalized a joint space venture with the US, UK and Australia. the main purpose of this group is to try and avoiding collisions of satellites. If there was only some safe way of removing dead satellites from orbit.
The other big news from Space is that MAVEN and MOM have made it to Martian orbit.  MAVEN is the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution and was sent into orbit to discover things about the climate of Mars. MOM is the Mars Orbiter Mission from India. This is India’s first major venture into space sure they sent a probe to the moon but everyone’s done that. India is making a name for itself in space as it will eventually become one of 4 nations to launch people into space.


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