Classic Rock

This will be a short one today. So I was listening to the classic rock station and they played a song from the 90s, sure it was only he early part of the decade but I was alive and this is supposed to be a classic rock station. I know the song is about 25 years old but if that’s what constitutes classic rock, I guess we are stuck with it. The biggest question is will the genre classic rock continue to shift as we go keeping moving forward in time looking back 30-50 years in the past, or will it continue to be music from the 60s,70s and 80s?

I really hope that it doesn’t keep adjusting with time as the music from the 60s has had such a long lasting influence on music As we rarely see songs from Musicals making a large splash, the Pop standards from the like of a Josh Groban and Michael Buble never make it and what happened to Big Band music. All of these genres were what music used to be and now the music world is overrun with electrified, pop acts that maybe rap or they are influenced by many different genres like electronic pop, blue-eyed neo soul, bluegrass rock. Hopefully this is only a phase in the history of music and we can continue to embrace the music from the past while developing new ways to shove all the genres together.


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