Lesser known Saints

Pio of Pietrelcina O.F.M. Cap. , (25 May 1887 –23 September  1968)
Padre Pio is one of the modern Saints in the Church. He was born in 1887 in Campania in Italy. By the age of five, Francesco had decided that he wanted to devote his live to God. His mother said that he was able to see and speak with Jesus, the Virgin Mary and his guardian angel, and that as a child, he assumed that all people could do so. Pio’s youth was a tough time as he was constantly sick, but at ten he was inspired to join the Capuchins when a friar came to town to ask for donations. His parents inquired about Francesco joining, they were happy to bring him on but Francesco needed to bulk up on his education before he would be allowed to join. At 15 he joined the order and took that name Pio after Pope Pius I, as his relics are preserved at Pio’s local church. Now Pio is an interesting individual as he is known for his stigmata and the ability to bilocate. He is one of the incorruptable saints. Padre Pio has some great saying that we should remember, “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry” and “Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him.” Let us be inspired by these words of Padre Pio during this upcoming week.

Our Lady of Walsingham
This is a title for Mary as she appeared to an English woman, Richeldis de Faverches, in Walsingham in 1061. She is the Patroness of the Anglican Catholic Ordinate in the US and the namesake of the Ordinate in England and Wales. During the middle ages Walsingham was a major pilgrimage location, and a substitute for locations in Europe. All this ended with Cromwell and the whole shrine was destroyed. After almost 400 years pilgrimages to Walsingham began again and today they are rather popular and there are Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox shrines.

Cosmas and Damian (died ca. 287)
Damian and Cosmas hold a special place for me as Cosmas is my Confirmation name, we were told to pick name not based on family names or anything like that so I picked Cosmas. However my family is good friends with a Cosmas, Brother Cos is a Xaverian Brother, so technically it wasn’t a family name, but that is besides the point. Cosmas and Damien were twins who were physicians in modern day Turkey. Not much is really known about their early lives, but they were doctors who would not take any money for payment and are considered Unmercenaries. One of the most popular legend associated with these saints is that time they replaced a cancerous leg on a white man with a leg from a recently deceased Ethiopian . They were arrested under the persecutions of Diocletian, and were tortured so that they would recant their beliefs. According to tradition they didn’t recant and were then hung on a cross, stoned and shot by arrows and they still didn’t recant. They finally were beheaded along with their younger brothers.


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