I Know that Voice (2013) and Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)

I Know that Voice: In this Documentary about Voice Actors you can finally put a face to the voice of many of your favorite animated characters. It was a fun documentary to watch as it also explores the world of a voice actor and how they work. As is said in the movie, sure lots of people can do the voices, but it is getting into the character and doing something like Shakespeare or the Bible without having to stop and say “Wait a sec” before continuing. The film gives an interesting look at more that just cartoon but also looks at video games and anime explaining how they are different from a cartoon like Spongebob. With animes it is difficult for voice actors as the animation is already set and they have to match up with the lips to make it look right. In the world of video games it sounds like the worst thing to do as you have to record so many variations of things, for example with the latest Batman video game that means recording “He went to the (insert direction here).” Then there is different attacks and hits and whatever. It just goes to show the voice actors are really an unsung part of the entertainment world.

Dear Zachary: Now this documentary has continually been popping up as a film that I would like on Netflix so I decided to finally watch it. Dear Zachary is an interesting film as it is a video letter to a son about his father, Andrew Bagby, who was murdered before he was born so the son would know who his father was. It also goes into the details of how the case when as well. Now as it turns out the murderer was the ex girlfriend of the Andrew Bagby, and after she killed Andrew  Bagby she fled to Canada. So Andrew’s parent followed to try and get her extradited back to the United States, and it just so happens that the ex girlfriend is pregnant with Andrew’s child. So the movie explore the Canadian justice system and the ins and outs of the family law side. It is a complicated movie to really explain what all happens, but it was a very captivating story.


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