Lesser known Saints

Catherine of Genoa (1447 – 15 September 1510)

Born Caterina Fieschi Adorno to a prominate Italian family in 1447. At 13 all she wanted to do was become a nun, like her sister who had become an Augustinian, but the order that she applied to would not take her saying she was too young. After her dream was dashed she put this idea aside. in 1463 her father passed away and Caterina married at her parents wish a nobleman Giuliano, some believe to end a feud between the two families. This marriage was horrible, it was childless and loveless. Giuliano wasn’t the greatest of people for ten years Caterina put up with this. Then on March 22 1473, she had a conversion during confession where she felt God’s immense love for her. This was the beginning of her close union with God in prayer (although not using typical means like a rosary) she began receiving communion daily and  underwent mental and pathological experiences. These are documented in Von Hugel’s book The Mystical Element of Religion. Catherine would also volunteer at a hospital where she and he husband eventually lived. In her lifetime she wrote some teachings down in two volumes which can still be found today Dialogues on the Soul and the Body and A Treatise on Purgatory.

Euphemia the All-praised (d. 303)
Euphemia is a more popular saint in the Orthodox Church, she was a consecrated virgin. Not much is really known about her life other than what the legends tell us. According to tradition she was arrested with a group of like 40 other Christians for refusing to offer sacrifice to Ares. Euphemia was take and tortured, after a number of days she was sent to the area with the lions and instead of attacking her the lions went and licked Euphemia’s wounds. Tradition states that she was killed by a bear in the arena, and eventually a cathedral was built over her grave. Now this isn’t where the story ends during the Council of Chalcedon in 451, she played an important role. At this council the Monophysites and the Orthodox butted heads over if Jesus was one nature divine or two natures human and divine. Each side wrote down their doctirne and they were placed on the breast of Euphemia within her tomb and after three days the scroll of the Orthodox was in the hand of Euphemia and the Monophyites was crumpled at her feet. This lead to the Chalcedon schism.

Hildegard of Bingen, OSB known as Sibyl of the Rhine (1098 – 17 September 1179)
Hildegard is one of the newest Doctors of the Church and I’ve shared some about her in the past. She is a pretty cool individual. Hildegard began having visions as a child and had her visions while she was mentally awake. She collected her visions in her three books, Scivias; Book of Life’s Merits; and Book of Divine Works. Her main concern is that Love overflows into all things. The whole world and everything on it were made out of love. This is something that we need to remember in the world today.


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