Native American mascot controversy, an update again: Part 7

One of our favorite topics is yet again in the news. Yesterday I mentioned that Etsy is the latest to join in the change the name camp. So when later in the day the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) joined in the condemnation of the Redskins name it wasn’t that big of a issue. I would say that with the entirety of the Ray Rice situation has pushed this to the back burner of the NFL discussion. According to the reports FCC chairman Tom Wheeler condemns the name but he is not going to use his say to force Daniel Snyder to change the name.

All of this comes on the heels of a recent ESPN the magazine poll in which they asked NFL players if Washington should change it’s name. “Of 286 players polled, 167 — 58 percent — said the Redskins should not change their name, with 119 players — 42 percent — saying they should find a new nickname.” They also posed the question to a group of players from the Redskins and got a similar response “Of the 51 Redskins players, 26 (51 percent) saying they should keep the nickname and one saying it should be changed. 24 players said they didn’t want to answer — a handful saying it was up to owner Dan Snyder or team president Bruce Allen.” ESPN also had a recent poll about this as well for the show Outside the Lines, which had a whole episode on this issue. The general public was found to be also in favor of keep the name.

ESPN has a bunch of article about this that can be reached from the poll article about this issue as well. As I’ve said in one of the earlier piece it seems like Daniel Snyder will keep the name until he moves the team back into Washington DC into a new Stadium located on the RFK site, as for what the team will be called it is anyone’s guess. I feel that if it does change it might just be like to Warriors or Braves or the team gets permission from some tribe like the Patawomecks, like the Seminoles at FSU and if the logo needs to be changed the team can go back to the arrow design or it might be cool if they just when back to their most recent throwbacks, the one with the leather-like helmet.


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