News Roundup

Politics: An interesting development in DC’s quest for statehood, according to reports the Senate is holding a hearing on DC Statehood. This is the first hearing on the topic in two decades, Now many believe that the hearing will take place but no one will be listening at all. More importantly it is during this time right before the midterm elections when next to nothing really gets done in congress. Although with Puerto Rico wanting to join the Union there could be some movement here with DC, although I really hate the proposed state name of New Columbia, it might make some movement as the United States has typically added states as pairs over the years. The hearing is on Monday so we could expect to hear something about it then.

Televison: The television critics have weighed in on the upcoming fall season and have declared Gotham the most promising new show. They also named Jane the Virgin as another promising new show and that black-ish is the most promising comedy. This is the second year that The Television Critics Association has done this, last year naming Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD the most promising along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine as promising comedy and Blacklist as promising drama. All three of these show have found an audience and Blacklist has even been name as the show that will air after Super Bowl XLIX is over this upcoming February.

Late Night: The rumors have been proved true James Corden will be the new host of the Late Late Show. Now many people are up in arms about this selection as Corden is a relative unknown in the States and he is another white guy. Some people were hoping that it would be a woman, someone of color or perhaps Neil Patrick Harris. Corden is expected to be taking over sometime in 2015, likely soon after the new year, unless they want to go 6 months without a Late Late Show. We also have Stephen Colbert taking over The Late Show from David Letterman sometime in 2015 likely in September after Letterman retires in August as well.

Redskins debate: Well we can now add Etsy to the list of places where the Redskins name is not welcome. However this is not for all product just those that have the name or use the logo. It is rather ironic that Etsy is still allowing the sale of things with Chief Noc-A-Homa and Chief Wahoo both of which are more offensive then the Redskins logo. Although perhaps in a couple of day they will follow, as the New York Daily News got rid of the Redskins logo and name replacing them with “maroon and yellow stripes”then they got rid of Chief Wahoo a couple of day later replacing him with a simple C which is currently the primary logo of the Indians.  It seems that every other week there is some other place that has added it’s name to the list of places where the team name is not longer welcomed. I read before the NFL season began that Phil Simms or one of the other CBS football broadcasters will not be using the name Redskins when the Redskins play on Thursday night in a couple of weeks. This debate will be dragged on for a couple more years as the Redskins have appealed the trademark case yet again.


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