The Institution of the Eucharist, Mary’s Birthday

Monday we celebrated The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Birthday it is one of the three Birthday feasts that are celebrated although I am sure there might be some saint day on their birthday but who has time to look through all the saints ever. If you forgot about it perhaps pray the rosary some time during the week.

The institution of the Eucharist is the final mystery of light and it is something that we remember each and every time Mass is celebrated. On the evening of the Last Supper Jesus gathered together with his friends in the upper room to share a meal together, some say it was the passover meal. At supper he took bread and blessed it, broke it, gave it to his friends saying “Take and eat!”  When supper was over he took the cup blessed it and gave it to his friends saying “Take and drink!” Then the most important word were said “Do this in memory of me.” Later on in the Gospel on the road to Emmaus Christ reveals himself in the breaking of the bread.

We can participate in this as well not just at Mass but I have always felt that this was a command to gather with your friends and share a meal with each other sure it is something easy to do while you are in college but it gets harder as you grow older. Something that I really like that has happened the past couple of years is that the current Campus Minister down at my college has had an alumni cookout the past two summers and it is great to see some people who you’ve lost contact with. Many people do this over the holidays as well meeting up with lost lost friends and sharing a meal and some time together. All Christians are called to live within the world and be a part of it while at the same time not of the world, it is a difficult balance. Sharing a meal is a little something that we all can do.


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