NFL Season begins

It is that time of the year once again for the NFL season to begin. Sure it starts on a Thursday for some reason now and usually pits the Super Bowl Champion against someone. This year we have the Seahawks facing the Packers to kick off the season.  Now if you are a betting individual do not take the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl again as this has been very hard to repeat as the last time it happened was a decade ago. The first game we can already pencil in a win for the Seahawks as the home team has won 10 of the 12 times this game has been played.

This season might be the last time some teams play in their cities the Rams might move back to LA, and it looks like the Raiders will be looking for a new home as well. This pass off season we lost many influential people in football from owners Ralph Wilson, William Clay Ford and Malcolm Glazer to legendary coach Chuck Noll. There has also been a heated debate about the name of a team in Washington that seems to be growing.

On to some predictions:

In the AFC we should expect the Patriots and the Broncos to meet up some time in the playoffs, as the Manning/Brady game has become a staple for years.Over in the NFC it seems likely that the Packers will make the playoffs and so will Seattle as they have continually been good the past couple of seasons. That is about as much confidence that I have at predicting what might happen with the NFL from year to year as the parity in the league mean that just about any team can make the playoffs, who expected the Chiefs and the Eagles to bounce back from disappointing seasons in 2012 and make the playoff the next year. It will be an exciting year all fan enter the season believing they can make it to the Super Bowl, this is one thing that I like in football compared to other sports where it seems like the same teams make it into the playoff every year.

We end this preview with a section of questions that I would love if this upcoming season could answer, if you have any please add.

Will the NFC East regain its place as one of the best divisions (strongest) in football? Can the surprise teams (Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals) from last year continue to be good? Who will be this year surprise team(s)?  Will the Redskins be forced to change their name? When will it happen? When will football return to Los Angeles and who will bring it back? Will Johnny Football make an impact in the NFL or will he fail like so many other over hyped players? When are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning going to retire? Will the Patriots be any good when Brady leaves or will they fall apart? Can Buffalo ever win the Super Bowl?


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