The Transfiguration

Jesus brings Peter, James and John up a mountain, it is not named in the Bible but many have speculated that it is Mount Tabor. While they are up on the mountain Moses and Elijah appear and start conversing with Jesus. Peter suggests they build tents to make the event last forever. Then from the heavens come a voice saying “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him.” I was listen to my music on shuffle the other day and a song from The Song of Mark came on and it got me to thinking that most of the musicals about Jesus tend to skip over the Transfiguration.

The only one that doesn’t is The Song of Mark which is sort of a musical by Marty Haugen. Although it might not be a musical but rather a choral concert piece or something like that I am not really sure. The Song of Mark follows the Gospel of Mark from beginning to end with songs. One of the songs, “So Good to be Here” is about the Transfiguration from the point of view of John, Peter and James. I like that the song sounds like a drinking song as that seems like something that the Apostles might have been doing while Jesus was talking with Elijah and Moses. Sufjan Stevens even has a song about the Transfiguration on his Seven Swans album but that is the extant of the music about the Transfiguration.

The Transfiguration is a joyous event where the heavenly Christ was revealed to a select few the first leader of the church, the first Pope and the beloved apostle. It is these individuals who hear the voice of God from above telling them to listen to Jesus. It would be wonderful if we can put ourselves into the event in the life of Christ and be the individuals who hear the voice of God. “Listen to him!” This is one of the only commands in the New Testament and is a very important one.


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