Labor Day

It’s Labor Day a day of rest and relaxation or something so why not watch some classic Homestar Runner today. The Sbemail for Labor Day and the Puppet one Labor Dabor as well are both great to watch today. If you want more than animation Time Magazine has complied a list of 6 Movies set on Labor Day, and it you are to lazy to pick anything out I am sure you can stumble upon some marathon on television.

Labor Day in America is a strange holiday as there really aren’t many traditional aspects to the day like other holidays. Labor Day is a day in which we honor the worker, with a day off other nations around the world celebrate the worker on May 1. The biggest part of Labor Day is it signifies the end of Summer Vacation for kids as school begins  around this time, which varies across the nation. Tomorrow is the earliest that Labor Day can fall and kids will be getting ready to go back to school on Tuesday.


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