22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we hear from the Book of Jeremiah, now Jeremiah is a prophet that we tend to forget about like most of the Minor Prophets. Jeremiah has been described as a second Moses as he watches the Jewish people leave the Promised Land and go into exile. The first reading begins as Jeremiah is having some doubts about being a prophet with some blue-ish language “You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped” or as it would be today “You fucked me, O Lord, and I let it happen” The role of God is our lives is not something that can be hidden, as much as we try to keep the love of the Lord hidden in our lives the more pain it causes us. Sure there are many who have fallen from the Church but once we enter into this relationship at Baptism it is something that never can go away as even if we fall astray the Lord will be there waiting for us to come back with arms open.

In Paul’s letter to the Romans we are told by Paul to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. Then he sort of explains what this mean as we are told to not conform ourselves to the age. Being a Christians is supposed to be countercultural first and foremost. This is something that we all have some difficulty with as we are all products of our age. There have been plenty written about this. Things that embraced by society are not always compatible with they way of God. This idea get picked up in Matthew’s Gospel after Jesus tells his disciple that he must go to Jerusalem and die, Peter said surely this is not true, no such thing will happen to you. Jesus replies that “You are thinking not as God does, but as human being do.” After this Jesus give us something to do “If you want to follow me one must deny oneself and take up their cross. Love takes more then saying that you love something it is a struggle that we all must face and at time it can be painful but we need to experience love in all its forms to understand the meaning of love. We must become as St. Francis a Fool for Christ and try to bring more love into the world.


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