Dinosaur (2000) and College Football begins

This is a two subject post

The other day I watched the Disney film Dinosaur and although it looks wonderful the story was lacking as it felt like a retelling of The Land Before Time which told the story better. If the film was more like the nature documentary that the first like five minutes of the film make it out to be that would have been a cool idea, and I might have like it better. If you liked the original Land Before Time you are going to sort of like the movie, it is wonderful looking however if I were watching it again I would watch on mute or something. The film is a must for people who like dinosaurs and people who like computer animation, as the film is 14 years old and still looks amazing. It is one of the few live action\animated films that I think really works well.


College Football Season began on Thursday night and will end in January with the first National College Football Playoffs. After all the conference changes of the past couple of years I think this is the final year where major changes will happen, Maryland left the ACC and joins the Big Ten, Rutgers also joins the Big Ten, Louisville joins the ACC and a bunch of the minor conferences make moves (American, C-USA, Sun Belt). There are also a handful of teams transitioning up from the FCS to the FBS. On to some predictions.

American: UCF or Cincinatti
ACC: In keeping with history Florida State will most likely face one of the Tech (Georgia or Virginia) in the Championship game. Although some people are saying it could be Miami or Duke facing FSU. We will have to wait and see.
Big 12 (the one with 10 teams): Early predictions are pointing towards Oklahoma or Baylor as the winner of the conference
Big Ten (the one with 14 teams): First off they got rid of the ridiculous Leaders and Legends divisions and opted to use East and West as the way the divide the league up. This is difficult to pick right now as I have no clue about Ohio State and how they will work with a new quarterback JT Barrett, so to be safe Michigan State or Ohio State will come from the East and Wisconsin will come from the West.
Pac-12: As much as the Oregon offense has dominated over the past couple of year most of the nation have gotten tired of the team we will see how they fare after their second game against Michigan State. With all the talk about USC going on I doubt they will become a powerhouse squad anytime soon. So hedging my bets the championship game will feature Stanford or Oregon playing UCLA or Arizona State.
SEC: The so called “Best conference in the Nation” has got to do something to recover from some horrible losses to end last season. Once again the Western Division is the stronger of the two with 5 of the 7 teams ranked in the Pre-season top 25. It looks like Alabama, Auburn or LSU will all be fighting their way to the Western Division championship. Over in the East it could really be anyone’s to win. Will Florida or Tennessee improve at all and make some noise again or will Georgia, South Carolina and Missouri duke it out for the Eastern Title.

Then after the regular season is over it goes to the Bowl games and the playoffs four teams make it to the playoffs with a chance to play in the College Football Championship game. These teams will be selected by a committee, and hopefully it will be the top four teams in the nation. Hopefully this will finally solve the problem that was BCS. Over this upcoming year we are bound to figure out how this playoff system will work.


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