News Round Up

Redskins: There are news reports floating around that say that Daniel Snyder and the Redskins are in the early stages of building a new Stadium. According to the Comcast SportsNet interview the current stadium which is 17 years old will be replaced with a new stadium which will have a “retro vibe” (a bouncy lower bowl). The interview was very non specific about anything else. Daniel says that he’d be open to moving the team to Virginia, to a new stadium in Maryland, but it seems most likely that the move would be back to DC proper. I think it is a good idea for a new stadium as FedEx Field has a horrible game day experience, however what will be done with the stadium site after they leave.

NASA:  The Space Launch System has been announced but now NASA has announced that there will be a slight delay in when the rocket will launch. NASA have scheduled the first launch to take place in December 2017 but it looks like this date will not be met and the worst case plan that they were describing also seems a bit far fetched. In the worst case plan the first launch would take place in late 2018. This first flight would be an unmanned flight and the first crewed mission seems like it wouldn’t happen until 2021. That will be a complete decade without USA launching any manned missions. This is why I am very interested in the Commercial Crew option which according to their schedule should be ready by 2017 so at least there will be some way for NASA to get astronauts up into space without going to Russia.

Science: Ever wonder about the Sailing Stones in Death Valley? According to researchers the mystery has been solved, and the answer is a very unexpected one.  If you want to know more read the story

Star Wars: Over at The Atlantic there is a moronic article talking about how George Lucas doesn’t want to release the original version of his films. It goes on to talk about how there are many people out there who have made “despecialized” versions of the films more in line with the original print of the films. It is funny how many people are so up in arms about this, and now that Disney owns the films so people are now calling for an official original release, with none of the special edition amendments. So after the new trilogy comes out and they make a pack in which they release all 9 film together, or perhaps when Star Wars turns 50 will be when an official high definition release of the original print will happen.


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