Wedding Feast at Cana

As we reflect upon the second Luminious Mystery Mary pops back up into the mystery although she could have been at Jesus’s Baptism in the Jordan. In this mystery Mary plays a key role, as she tells Jesus that the wedding has run out of wine, we know the story. Jesus says “Woman it is not yet my time” or something to that effect. So Mary turns to the stewards at the feast and tells them to listen to whatever Jesus tells them to do. Jesus changes his mind and has the stewards fill the barrels with water and when the water is taken out and given to the chief steward it turns out the be the best wine of the evening.

The one thing that we should remember from this story is the words of Mary to the stewards, as they are also meant for us. “Listen to him, and do whatever he tells you.” Listening is something that many in this hyper connected world have forgotten, as we are so connected to our phones/music/television/internet that our time in silence prayer has seemingly disappeared. Even if we have a chance to retreat into silence quieting our brains is a difficulty.  Will we be able to hear the Lord in the silence or will we be sitting there not hearing a thing? It is impossible to say, but Mary’s words are a motto that we should follow.

“Listen to him, and do whatever he tell you” this is something we all can do as we have the words of Jesus in the Gospel  and all we have to do it open it up and read a little. I am one of those individuals who likes to read the reading before i attend Mass on Sunday as it helps me to actually listen to the word being proclaimed. For many people they follow along with the reading only half paying attention to what is being said. Even if we do listen to what is being said it is the second part that we most of the time forget about the action part. “Do whatever he tell you” we need to be able to bring the message of the Gospel out into the world. As that quote goes “Preach the Gospel at all time use words sparingly” and I think that a nice blanket statement that summarizes the words and actions of Jesus in the Gospels is something very simple. Love.  With all the conflict in the world from the Middle East and Ukraine to a town in Missouri the one thing that is needed most of all is love.


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