The Simpsons

It took 25 years but now all the main cast of The Simpsons has won an Emmy award for voice over work.  I think this is the first time this has even happened for one show. The Simpsons is a cultural institution and it is great to see everyone finally recognized for the work that they have done. Now growing up my mother wouldn’t let me watch the show as she said it didn’t promote good values and was not a great example. The funny thing here is that she had never watched the show and today many people hold The Simpsons as one of the few programs that offer a realistic look into modern life and provides a good example. In fact someone wrote a book called like The Gospel According to the Simpsons, clearly highlighting the positive influence viewing it can have. So I for one am very interested in the upcoming marathon of every single Simpsons episode that FXX will air August 21-Labor Day. Hopefully I can catch up on some of the early episodes this way, before the record 26th season begins



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