News Round Up

Hollywood: This has been a rough week in Hollywood so far and we are only half way through the week. We’ve already heard that Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall have passed. Now everyone one is going crazy over the death of Robin Williams, sure he was a decent actor but he had problems in real life and battled addiction and depression. Sure Williams was in a bunch of interesting movies and he won over people’s hearts with so many of the characters he played. On the other side of the spectrum there is Lauren Bacall. I haven’t seen many of Bacall’s films but hopefully Turner Classic Movies most likely will be broadcasting a marathon of her movies in the upcoming weeks.

Beer: A Farm up in Maryland has announced that it will begin offering a Beer CSA. A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture and is like a farmer’s market in a box as you get a box of whatever is ripe from the farm each week for the time you are signed up for it. The beer participants will be able to fill their two-liter growlers 20 times over the five month season. It sounds like an interesting idea as according to the article Mad Science Brewing will be using seasonal ingredients so there is a chance to have some interesting flavors of beer like,  white peaches, blackberries, blueberries, and even squash in the fall. Hopefully this turns out successful and other farms pick up on the idea as well. Micro-brewing in America is on the rise and hopefully these local small craft brews can help inspire the big breweries to do something with their beer as well.


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