Upcoming movies news

Sure lots of people are excited for the conclusion of The Hobbit, Avengers 2, even Into the Woods and all those other sequel/superhero movies. There are a few sequels that do not need to come out most notably the latest Spongebob movie in which all the animated characters will become superheroes for some reason, sure kids will flock to the movie when it comes out in Feburary 2015 but I hope that Spongebob will eventually end it’s run on television at some point in time. Of the upcoming movies I am excited for Big Hero 6, Jon Stewart’s movie Rosewater and a little musical known as The Last Five Years.

Big Hero 6 is a superhero movie but from the trailers I’ve seen it looks better then a bunch of them as it is animated and it is a comedy to boot. Rosewater is about Maziar Bahari dentition in Iran in 2009 for 100 days. The Last Five Years is based on a musical by Jason Robert Brown and it tells the story of a couple from two points of view from beginning to end and end to beginning.  The film has been picked up for distribution overseas and hopefully this bodes well for us in the States. It will have it’s world premier at TIFF this September.

The other big movie news that has come out recently is that DC comics look to do what Marvel has done and they will be building up their own film universe with nine films to follow Batman v Superman. The films will be released two per year over from 2016-2020. Many people have been trying to figure out how this will happen as when they announced the dates it was only the dates that the films will be released. One of the early film most likely will be a Wonder Women film and the big question is will Marvel or DC be the first to have a female superhero fronted film. With Batman v Superman seemingly setting up the Justice League it seems there would be a full fledged movie about the League and it members. The members of the Justice League are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, along with the likes of Aquaman, Green Arrow/Lantern and The Flash being members. It would be really cool if DC integrated it’s television shows featuring Green Arrow and the upcoming Flash into the lineup as well.However this is something that we will have to wait and see what finally happens.


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