News Round up

Outer Space: It has been two complete Earth years that Curiosity has been roving around on Mars, now that is only a bit over a Martian year, but Happy Birthday Curiosity. Curiosity now only has to run for the next decade to reach any of Opportunity’s records.

The other big space news is that the microwave engine is making the rounds again with the news that NASA has successfully done a test with a microwave engine. NASA’s test is the latest in a line of test and could confirm the idea, however it is only a test and there are still question about the idea in general. If microwave engine really do work it would be an energy breakthrough and we could perhaps stop burning fossil fuels to get to space, or even use the microwave engine on Earth for all our vehicles and the like.

Late Night: It hasn’t been announced yet who will be taking over for Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Night, but all over the internet that are making it seem like James Corden has gotten the job. This would be another white male who is hosting a late night show. Many people were hoping for a female or a different race to take over. It would be great James Corden is on a rocket ship it seems over the past four or so year he just blown up. Corden isn’t that well known in the United States but he is Co-creator of Gavin and Stacy, winner of a Tony for Best Actor in a Musical in 2012 for One Man, Two Guvnors, a repeat guest on Doctor Who. I like the things I’ve seen Corden in but I’m not certain that Corden will be must see for American audiences. This transition will take place sometime in 2015 along with Colbert taking over Late Night.

Language: Google is trying to make a font that works with all languages for use on computers. If this succeeds it would be awesome as we wont have to download all the foreign fonts that we need to read the entirety of the internet. Now if Google could only come up with an easy way to translate the text as well. Sure they have Google Translate but it is one of the many features that Google have buried.


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