The Finding in the Temple

As we reach the final Joyful Mystery  we have made it through the birth and childhood of Jesus and arrive at the Bar Mitzvah moment in the life of Jesus. According to Scripture Jesus and his family go up to Jerusalem for one of the feasts, and when they are going back to Nazareth it is discovered that Jesus is not there with the men or with the women. It is said that Jesus is around 12 when these events took place so it would be possible for him to be in either travel group. So Mary and Joseph and perhaps some other people go back to Jerusalem and look for Jesus. When they find Jesus he is in the temple talking with the rabbis and he says where did you expect me to be I am in my father’s house doing his business. This seems like a huge jerk move that Jesus does, then again we don’t see or hear about what happens in the missing years about 13-30.

The important part of this mystery is that Jesus is found and we all can find him. Jesus in not only in the various churches around the world but if we look hard we can find Jesus in everything. However it is more along the lines of Jesus finding us where we are in our lives and working through us to help build the Kingdom of God here on Earth. As we hear later on in the Gospel Jesus is the Good Shepherd who will leave the 99 other sheep and go looking for that one lost lamb. Jesus has all the time for us and many of us only share the hour of so that we are at Mass on Sunday with him. This is not good as we heard in the Paul’s letter on Sunday nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus and it just isn’t right for one person to put all the work in a relationship. It needs to be two ways. Prayer is one way to build this relationship. It would be great if in these troubled time we can all pray for an end to all the unjust actions that are taking place in the world currently.


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