Noah (2014)

I finally got around to watching Noah, sure it had one of my least favorite actors Russell Crowe and we all know the story but it was interesting to see how they could fill and entire 2 1/2 hours with a story that takes place over over three chapters in Genesis. The major reason I watched Noah is because I appreciate Darren Aronofsky’s films as it seems like they are not just the same ideas over and over again.

In Noah, there is an interesting interpretation of the events that we all know. With the introduction of the Watchers, giant golems who are being punished by God for helping man after the banishment from Eden. We also have the children of Cain being very industrious as they have torn most thing down to make towns and they have embraced technology.  Now please be advised that there will be spoilers below, so please read with caution.

The film begins with Noah as a child and Lamech, Noah’s father who is in Seth’s line, is killed by Tubal-Cain. Then many years pass and now grown Noah has a family of his own. One day Noah sees a flower spring forth from the ground and this prompts a dream about the deluge and flood. The dream send Noah to find his grandfather Methuselah who lives up a mountain in a cave. On the way there Noah’s family stumbles upon an injured girl, Ila, later Shem’s wife, while they are tending to her Tubal-Cain lead a group of men to attack Noah and his family. So they pick up the girl and run into the land of the Watchers who at first capture them and place them in a giant hole in the ground.

Noah appeals to the Watchers that he is on his way to visit his grandfather one of the Watchers helps them out and helps them out and back on their way to see Methuselah. When Noah meets Methuselah he gives Noah a seed supposedly from the Garden of Eden, Noah plants this and it become a giant forest and the source of the wood for the ark. Noah with the help of the Watchers get to work on the ark and ten years later after the ark is built the animals start to arrive. Tubal-Cain follows the bird and confront Noah and wants on the ark as well.

So the rains come and Noah, his family, Ila, the animals and Tubal-Cain make it on the boat. Noah is under the impression that God want him to die and let the animals take over the world once again. I didn’r like this part of that movie as it make Noah out to be a complete monster while they are on the boat especially after everyone learns that Ila is pregnant. Noah tells them that if it is a boy he will be the last man on earth and if it is a girl he will kill her before she can grow up. At the end of the voyage Tubal-Cain finally emerges from the shadows and tries to kill Noah with the help of Ham.

This doesn’t end well as the boat hits a mountain and Ham decides to help his father even though he had lost the love of his life in the flood since Noah would not help her back to the ark. Ila has twin girls echoing the idea that God will provide as both Ham and Japheth did not have wives on the boat with them. They make their way to land Noah becomes distant and starts drinking in excess later on Ham see his nakedness and Ham leaves his family forever. Noah eventually reconciles with the family and comes to love his granddaughters.

The  movie was nice and it’s not the worst Bible movie ever either so that’s good. It does have a fair share of violence and action scenes in it the Watchers basically kill thousands of people before the flood even begins. It was an enjoyable movie and by all accounts the film was a bit hit around the world hopefully this will lead to more of these Bible stories hitting the big screen. It would be cool if this wasn’t just the Jewish/Christian Bible that movies are based upon as there are many great stories in other faith traditions that deserve telling as well. In having these other religious faith embraced by Hollywood perhaps the general public will follow suit. It was also nice seeing a film that had some concerns about the environment at the forefront as this is the major problem that we face in the world today.


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