The Presentation

After Jesus was born, according to Jewish tradition the mother had to do a ritual purification and the first born male child redemption had to be bought. So off they went to the Temple about forty days after the Birth of Christ. When they arrived at the Temple they met with Simeon and Anna. I think this is a big deal as once again the individuals are not who you would typically think of. At his birth Jesus is visited by shepherds, at his presentation he encounters two elderly individuals.

This is not a mainstream thing God goes to the unlikeliest of people to bring the message to the world throughout the life of Christ. The disciple are outcasts of society, a bunch of fisherman, a Zealot and a tax collector. Later on it is women who are the first to witness the Resurrection. This is common throughout the Bible as it is Moses, who can’t talk good, who lead the Israelites to freedom and David, the boy king, who slays the giant with a slingshot. Those two are off the top of my head. So it seems that God likes the long shot.

Are we long shots or do we just patten our lives on what the rest of society tells us we need. In the words of one of the most popular song writers of all time love is all we need. So often are we told that we need the newest and the latest piece of technology, when all we need is to connect with people and we can start in our families. Pope John Paul II once said “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” This seems like a long shot connecting with people in person by talking to them, but we know how God feels about long shots. I hope that we can live on the fringe of society living in the world spreading the good news to all that we meet.


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