San Diego Comic Con 2014

The past couple of years it has seemed like Comic Con in San Diego has been a place where big announcement were made. Last year we had Batman v Superman announced and a lot of footage from upcoming movies. This year was a bit of a let down as the biggest thing people are talking about is Wonder Woman’s costume in Batman v Superman. Sure there was some teasers from upcoming movies like Ant-man, Avengers 2, and Batman v Superman. The biggest surprise to me was that they announced a sequel to Guardian of the Galaxy already before the movie comes out.

However this year seemed like it focused on television shows. With DC and Marvel both having success on television. Marvel’s got Agents of SHIELD which turned out to be a wonderful show this past year I for one like how it ties in with the movies, and it’s companion series Agent Carter. However there wasn’t a lot about their Netflix series which come out in 2015. Over at DC they have 4 new shows debuting this upcoming year on television along with the hugely popular Arrow. I believe some of the show debuted in San Diego this weekend (Gotham, Flash, Constantine) not sure how they went over as I will be waiting to judge them myself this fall. One of the biggest things that we learned television wise is that Ra’s al Guhl will be showing up on Arrow this season and characters from Arrow will be popping up in The Flash.


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