Washington DC Metro System: The Silver Line opens

Today the newest branch of the system (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority or WMATA) open the Silver Line which will eventually connect Dulles Airport with Washington DC. It currently runs only to Reston which is a big as it gives the option for public transit out there in that part of Fairfax County and hopefully will get some cars off the road. One of the biggest stops in this first section of the Silver Line is the Tysons Corner stop which seems like will be popular around the holidays. This addition in total will be the largest addition to the Metro system since it began.

Earlier this week the folks over at Greater Greater Washington shared a cool map from 1968 of the proposed Metro System. I like looking at old maps and this one was interesting as many it seems like they have gotten most of the original planned tracks and are now working on another one of the extensions that they had desired to have eventually, as they already have done the extension out to Largo. It brings some hope that perhaps there could be more to come with extending lines and perhaps running a line down Columbia Pike or the unthinkable having another tunnel under the Potomac entering through Georgetown and going through northern DC. This last one seems to be the next big undertaking for WMATA since it is mentioned in their plans for 2040.

This is not the only public transit project in the DC metropolitan area. There are a couple of streetcars lines that are nearing completion. As well as that long range plan of connecting all the lines together with a circumferential line. It is great to see such a big interest in public transportation by politicians. I really hope that these forays into improving public transportation are a sign of better thing to come with politicians.


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