This post is somewhat inspired by the latest CGP Grey video in the video it goes over the missing portions of the US like DC and the Indian Nations along with the Territories both organized and unorganized. It is an interesting video about the states and not so states that make up the United States.  Now a 51st State has been a topic that has been in discussion since Hawaii joined the Union it seems with Puerto Rico and Washington DC being popular candidates for inclusion.

Last fall we heard about a movement in Colorado to for a new State out of the northern counties in Colorado. This movement kinda stalled as 6 of the 11 counties votes against it. Now there is talk coming from California about splitting it up into six states. This seems like a foolish idea as it would create some really wealthy states (Hollywood and Silicon Valley) and really poor states (Jefferson and Central California). The logic behind this idea is to help the Government of the states actually work, as California has had problems in that past with actually working. Tim Draper, the individual behind the Six Californias plan explains that California is ungovernable as is with legislature unable to keep up on issues in all the state’s regions and this is the reason for it to be split up. Some of the critics have pointed out that the plan is stupid as there is so much infrastructure already in the state and some  of the newly formed states would not have water access or prisons. I think that there has got to be some middle ground idea here perhaps only three states (Jefferson, California and Southern California) The proposal has gotten enough signatures to make it to the November Ballot and we will see what happens.

There is also more talk about Washington DC becoming a state as President Obama mentioned it the other day. “I’m in D.C., so I’m for it” were his word and Obama added that it seems like a long shot for anything to really happen with DC statehood with the current state of congress. However this comment was made in Washington DC at an event to a crowd of Washingtonians, he could just be pandering to the people. Will his support continue after he leaves Washington is a big question. Sure it would be nice if DC had some voting representation in Congress but it was not so long ago that DC residents couldn’t even vote in the Presidential election.

The closest to a 51st state is Puerto Rico which already has a population larger than a bunch of states. There is currently a bill sitting in Congress about the process of admitting Puerto Rico to the Union. It looks like they are waiting for a real referendum to be taken. Whenever this happens and if Puerto Rico again says it wants to join the Union I think it is an easy process from there Congress just approves it and the President signs it and it happens. Whenever this happens people will say what took it from happening sooner.


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