News Round Up

Music: Weird Al seem to be in the unlikeliest of places, on the top of the charts. His newest album, Mandatory Fun, is Yankovic’s first Number One Album. This information I find reflects a lot about the state of music in the world today. Weird Al sold about 100,000 albums and that number will drop a bunch the following week. If a parody album can be the number one record the quality of music coming out is not that great. over on the Cracked Podcast their most recent episode touched on this topic as well. where they talked about how nihllistic movies have gotten and how much of the top 40 is songs about fun and being happy.

Movies: Comic Con is in San Diego this weekend-ish so there will be tons of information about movies and new television as there wiil be a screening of the new television show Gotham, and we are bound to be getting some footage/ more information about all the comic book movies (Marvel and DC) there are already rumors that Dwayne Johnson will be Captain Marvel in an upcoming film and perhaps some sneak peak at phase 3 or the MCU. Monday I’ll have a recap up about all that happened. Variety has a list of 11 thing that would be surprising that could happen at Comic Con



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