The Nativity

I am sure we all know this mystery the best of all the mysteries of the Rosary. Mary gives birth to Jesus and it is announced by Angels. One of the key points in the story is that it is not the Magi who greet the baby Jesus first, the message was given to the shepherds grazing their flocks in the field at night who came racing to see what it was. They the poor and outcasts of society are the first to welcome Jesus into the world. Sure we all like the Magi coming and bringing gifts (Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh) but they came a long time after the shepherds arrived.

Now shepherds are not the most glamorous of individuals. Caring for sheep does not make for the most clean cut individuals they are typically dirty and smell of sheep. I find the significance of this as the Good Shepherd is being visited by the other shepherds, as the Good Shepherd not only cares for the flock but the shepherds as well. In the world today it seems like most of us are like the magi bearing gifts and leaving promptly, similar to how we treat going to Mass on Sunday. The shepherds on the other hand seem to dawdle and stick around for some time, perhaps coming back each night to visit this newborn king. This is how we should feel about our faith, it isn’t something that we can show up to and leave, it needs to become a part of who you are.

I hope that we can become more like the shepherds, looking to this event for inspiration and trying to keep out ears open to hear what the Angels need to tell us. Then doing what we hear with great haste.


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