House MD

I’ve got to say that I’ve been hooked. Over on Netflix they suggested that I would like House and was skeptical at first thinking it would be like any of the other modern medical shows on television (Grey’s Anatomy/Royal Pains) which are more focused on the relationships the who’s doing who of the week sure they have the case of the week, but most of these episodes seem focused on who is sleeping with who. Over on House the medicine is at the forefront and there is a long running will they won’t they but this is a back burner issue.

House MD is about a brilliant diagnostician, Gregory House, who happens to be this unconventional, rough around the edges addict, who finds ways around the rules to get things done. House leads a team of other diagnosticians and they work on a different case each week.  The show has an overall black comedy feel to it which I find very appealing as it makes light of a serious topic. I have only gotten through the first season so far but I have liked what I’ve seen so far.

Medical dramas have long been a fun genre to watch, it was the first real genre program that I watched as my parents loved watching ER and eventually I was old enough to catch a bit of the show. The first full episode I saw was the live episode back in 97 and from there I watched a majority for the next dozen years. So House was a show that was in my comfort zone. When House first came on television I was a sophomore in college so I had some more important things on my mind.  I do like it how most of what Netflix suggests that I’d like I end up liking. Sure there is MASH; Harold and Maude; and Dr. Strangelove, but can anybody think of any other great black comedy television programs, or movies?


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