Weird Al Yankovic

Of all the famous musicians in the world one of the most talented has to be Weird Al as he routinely comes up with clever parodies of big songs. His most recent album, Mandatory Fun came out this week, and there have been music videos released everyday this week since Monday to publicize the album, over on his official site they have all the videos.  This album has parodies of Blurred Lines, Royals, and Happy. These three have been the music videos released so far titled Word Crimes, Foil, and Tacky. If you have the time check out the videos and the album as well, I do really like Weird Al’s Polkas.

No matter how many years it takes for a new Weird Al song to come out it always seems worth the wait. I remember back in 1999 when The Saga Begins, a parody of American Pie highlighting the events The Phantom Menance, first came out is when I first gained a real appreciation for what he has done in music. As Weird Al takes a song and then crafts lyrics around the song and some how elevates both pieces. Years later I read that Don McLean likes the song and sometime while McLean is singing American Pie he slips in a lyric of two from Weird Al’s song.


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