The Visitation

Last week I focused on Joseph’s Annunciation, however he doesn’t really have a Visitation. None the less Zechariah plays an important role in this story, but I think I already did a post about that a while back. After the angel came to Mary she set off to see her cousin, Elizabeth, who was also expecting. According to scripture Elizabeth and Zechariah were fairly old, when this happens, according to some sources it’s in her 30’s and other she’s around 60. So take whichever end of the spectrum makes you happier. Now most of the events of Elizabeth take place before the arrival of Mary who some indicated arrived in Elizabeth’s sixth month and Mary stayed until the arrival of John.

This mystery at it’s core is about love for ones neighbor. How often do we even go out and talk with our neighbors, sure there are that one or two who you care about, but most people have more than that one or two who you ask to get your mail when you go on vacation or hold and extra set of keys for your place. Expanding further out how many people do you drive or walk by on the way to work and so forth we are all neighbors. We should be able to treat everyone with the same courtesy that we expect from them.

We need to become like Elizabeth and Zechariah and be ready for whatever knocks at our door to help them out the best that we can, and we should try to be like Mary as well and bring joy into the lives of the people we visit, even if it is just for the evening and we are sharing a meal with them.  I hope that we are open to these opportunities when they come up. After I graduated college I still had a bunch a friends down in Richmond and went to visit a couple of times for a handful of reason and I tried to be an accommodating guest by bringing like a bottle of wine or something like that as a gift and other things. Sure we don’t need to buy everyone we meet a bottle of wine (although that would be so cool) we need to bring joy into everyone we meet lives and in turn they will bring joy into our lives.


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