World Cup Final/ Update

Well that third place game I didn’t watch and Brazil lost leads me to wonder if their team just Neymar or something like that? The Netherlands won and it seems were non-pulsed about the event claiming before the game that it wasn’t even necessary, I bet they were happy that the game was play after it was over. This make it the four straight World Cups without the host nation winning.

The big game happened and it was more exciting than a game decided by a penalty kick. (see the 1990 Final) So Germany become the third nation with four World Cup Titles and the first non American team to win a World Cup hosted in the Americas. Germany out played Argentina and snuck a goal in during the 113th minute.  Germany’s victory I’ve read must be credited to Jurgen Kilnsmann, who changed how Germany’s player were created, focusing on the young players and changed how player development happens in Germany. Hopefully with the victory the folks over at US Soccer will listen to Klinsmann’s ideas and follow through with them.

We will have to wait and see what happens over the next four years and the event leading to Russia. Will Messi finally bring back the World Cup to Argentina? Can Brazil bounce back from an epic failure at the end of the tournament? Is the Qatar World Cup happening? these are only a handful of questions that we will have going in and the event is still four year away.

Now that the excitement of the World Cup is over I wonder if this soccer fever will continue in the United States, and MLS sees and uptick in attendance to games. However team ended this year we only have to wait until next year as the Women’s World Cup is just around the corner and it is in Canada. The United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) is already a favorite and they haven’t even qualified yet.


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