15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week’s readings are a fun bunch and are connected with the idea of planting or sowing and reaping. We begin in Isaiah (55:10-11) where we hear a poem from the Lord. Just as the rain falls from the heavens upon the Earth to make it fruitful before it go back to the heavens so to is it with the Word of God. Now this later become Jesus as seem in the Gospel reading but even with the Jewish Nation the message of God must be spread. It is not meant for a single people as we hear in the Psalm “The seed that fell on good ground bears a fruitful harvest.” We are these seeds and we are nourished by the Word of God we are “watered” when we go to Mass and celebrate the Eucharist and Confession is like weeding.

Now Paul’s letter this week seems out of place as there are not planting metaphors or watering advice. Paul says to the Romans the suffering that we are experiencing at the current time is nothing like the glory and pleasure we will experience in heaven/new earth/Kingdom of God. Many people like to point out that Paul could be writing to Christians today with all the violence around the world, especially in the Middle East where Christianity is a minority and is being persecuted, or in Europe which although built upon the church has simply ignored it, even her in the United States where it seems like the Government is always beating up on the Church. The same it true with the citizens of the world who always seem to in any comment section about the Catholic Church go right to Clergy Abuse and that is the extant of the religion.

Turning to the Gospel we hear from Matthew and these is an option of how long the reading is, it’s Chapter 13. Jesus tells us another Parable, “A sower went to sow some seeds.” The seeds fell on lots of different surfaces the path where it’s eaten by birds, rocky ground where it sprung and promptly died, among thorns where it was choked and on rich soil where it grew. Jesus then explains it in the second half of the reading saying that the seeds are the one that hears the word of God, and goes through how each individual hears the word and there are many things that compete with it either wickedness, tribulation, and worldly concerns but the on who hear the word and understands it is the one that bears much fruit. Now there is a section of this reading that I really like the disciples ask Jesus “Why do you speak in parables?” and Jesus responds that Knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven has been granted to you, not them. He continues with my favorite part “They look but do not see and hear but do not listen or understand.” I hope that during this week we can ask for our eyes and ears to be opened so we can see, hear and understand what is going on.


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